Tradition and original recipe



The company was established in 1960 as a plant operating within the structure of CZSS Społem, producing confectionery products, among others. biscuits and marquises.

In 1974, the production of original, small crackers characterized by a variety of shapes and flavors began, which are still sold with great success both in Poland and abroad.

In 1994, the plant was privatized, and the main shareholder became a company with foreign capital, while since June 2000, the RARYTAS company has exclusively Polish capital, which allowed the company to stabilize on the market.

In 2003, the HACCP system was implemented, guaranteeing high-quality products as well as the possibility of detailed monitoring of production processes.

In August 2003, the plant received the ISO 9001:2001 Quality Management System Certificate, which additionally strengthened the company’s image as a market leader and guaranteed high quality service to our customers. In May 2007, we received the IFS Certificate (International Food Standard), which combines, among others: : quality management ; principles of the HACCP system; mobilizing management to take responsibility and engage in IFS matters; focuses attention on the customer’s needs and requirements as well as determines requirements related to staff, social equipment and production processes.

These are key elements for a global food safety benchmark. To care for our consumers, we try to combine many years of experience and acquired knowledge. We produce all our products using only natural ingredients, without the use of enhancers, artificial colors and preservatives. We make every effort to ensure that our products are fresh, tender, crispy and original – just the way our consumers like.

Our priorities

Highest quality

Highest quality

Our priority is to produce the highest quality crackers that will accompany our customers during the moments spent together. We have made an effort to improve our products in order to create new products with a favorable nutritional profile. The most important element of this project is its innovation, so when you choose the products we offer – you choose the highest quality!

For this reason, Rarytas Sp. z o. o. bearing in mind the health of our consumers, we offer crackers with special and unique physicochemical and health properties, resulting from a radical reduction in their content:

  • acrylamidu,
  • 3MCPD,
  • glycidyl esters
  • saturated fatty acids.

We also paid special attention to ensuring that after making these changes. the taste of our cookies has remained unchanged and we have even improved it.

But judge for yourself, we invite you to consume our products!



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