from 1960…

Quality and Tradition

Quality and Tradition

Manufacturer of excellent CRACKERS baked in various shapes and flavors. We manufacture our products with our CUSTOMERS in mind and have been selling them for over 60 years all over the world.


on the company’s official website RARYTAS Sp. z o.o. based in Stargard – manufacturer of snacks like crackers and biscuits. When producing and selling our products, we undertake constant activities related to the modification of existing products. We work on new solutions ourselves and present them to our clients. We have been working in accordance with the ISO 22000 standard since 2010.

Discover our crackers!

Discover our crackers!

Crackers – a very popular snack eaten with beer, wine, cheese, at parties, at school, on the train. Baked in various shapes and flavors – we offer classic, salty ones, but we encourage you to try crackers from the Flavors of the World series or Crackers with additions of natural vegetables.

New! Vegan Joy Crackers

Available from March!

Crackers in boxes

Pocket crackers

Sandwitch crackers

Family Pack

Crackers 1 and 1,2kg

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Delicious and healthy snacks.

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Healthy Rarytas

Healthy Rarytas

Healthy Rarity is our idea, which was created to meet the expectations of our customers and to take care of their health.

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